16 Apr 2015

being on Violets ct is cool enough, but having exclusive access to her designing process and all the behind the scenes action is a whole other level of cool! 

so excuse me if i'm a bit sentimental about her latest "Already There" bundle-  being able to correspond with her and participate in creating this beauty of a kit was the single most rewarding moment of my life as a scrapper! i was left with a new found respect and admiration for all the talented, hard working designers out there. 

but, all that aside, my main role as her ct is to make some inspirational layouts. so here's a few samples i came up with:

1. Stamp Attack - no better way to spend those few stolen hours of freedom than covered in acrylics and carving new wacky stamps when inspiration strikes. hell yes!

2. Soak Up The Sun - gentle spring sun and a mild breeze call for a lazy outdoor afternoon. documented here in an awesome sunburst composition, if i may say so myself ;)

3. On My Way - and when the everyday life starts giving me those nasty reality-bites, i'm often confussed about the direction i'm headed. i don't know where i am or where i'm going. just that i am on my way. 

4. Hunka Ham - starting a new full time job was one of those reality-bites. but the first day was simply ├╝bercool and totally scrapworthy, as you can tell from this page:

just...scrumptiously! don't you think? ;)

1 Apr 2015


Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.” 
                          - Mahatma Gandhi

words that inspired my interpretation of this months blog train theme - "reflections". it's about realizing the power of our thoughts & how our "outsides" are merely a reflection of our "insides". so, we might as well think positive, right?!

the process of creating this kit included not only a little soul searching, but also exploring different graphic styles and design techniques. it was a pretty rewarding learning experience! 

i would say the result of this stylistic exercise is a mix of art journaling & collage. an attempt to fuse the clean, geometric minimalism of a collage with some powerful, bold mess of the art journals.

i made a set of six 3x4' filler and journal cards that can quickly add a bit of that artsy flavour to your pocket style albums, but will also blend well with the rest of the kit, in case you feel like creating your own art journal pages

variety is something i'm pretty proud regarding this kit- so many motifs and textures to combine, in  different and exciting ways! hope you find some bits and pieces here that inpire you to make something new. and if you do, i'd totaly love to check it out, so drop me a line!

and here you'll find the full bt list, with more fabulous goodies!

a page i made using MandysLovableDesigns & my part, just to give you a better idea of the kit:

any thoughts you'd like to share?