1 Jan 2016

Crafty Evening

hello, friends!

what do you say we kick this new year off with some fresh scraps?
sounds good? ok. 

i've prepared a lovely little set for all you crafotoholics out there, both the skilled and the clumsy! it's a classic mish mash of craft supplies and paper snippets portraying, well, basically, the mess. mess on the desk, floors and walls left after a good night of crafting!

as a hobby enthusiast myself, i know how proud i get over a well made, finished project. and also how much i have to laugh over those less successful attemps! truth is, there's something genuinly rewarding about working with your hands. it just makes you feel good. so good, infact, that it's not enough to just create someting-  you also want to show it off, brag a little and scrap about it! am i right?

hopefully this kit will come in handy (pun intended) for just that ;D

scrappy new year, y'all!