2 Jul 2015

Summer Splash

after a longer abstinence from the world of digi designing i was itching to get back & create something!

so, for this month's summer splash bt i was thinking cold juice, fresh fruits and water. lots of water! perfect oportunity to use some of those watercolor brushes i made earlier on.

ideas just kept splashing me from all sides as i was making it and before you know it my humble little bt portion shamelessly grew into a proper bundle! if anyone objects, i plead temporary insanity - this heat fried my brain and made me ga-ga! :)

with the working class folks with no time off who can't stand the summer heat primarily in mind, this kit was build around the idea of refreshments and afternoon siesta. but honestly, even if you can't relate, i bet you'll find something in this rich pack to help you scrap your summer pages!

for you project lifers out there, i kept the cards as neutral & clean as possible so they would be an easy fit to different albums.

well, there it is. hope you enjoy these, have a splashing summer & scrap all about it! and when you do, show us in the PS gallery so we can *heart* you :)