30 Nov 2017

Home for the Holidays

we're slowly getting into the festive groove
so with this month's free scraps 
i'm wishing all you lovely blog hoppers 
a happy holiday season 
and lots of kisses under the mistletoe  


and visit pixelscrapper.com for more fabulous contributions

here's an example hybrid page i made. the scraps print out nicely ;)

31 Oct 2017

Elegant Autumn

creating for this months ps bt was a bit of a struggle. i wouldn't say "elegant" is really my style and the color scheme reminded me more of "fresh, breezy spring" than "autumn", but i was determined to work on some ideas anyway. perhaps steer a bit away from my usual expression. but still create a kit i'd like to scrap with myself.

and so i made this warm, bit artsy, textured set with just a splash of color build around the notion of gratitude. and blackberries. two things one can never have too much of :)

have a wonderfall november, give lots of thanks and don't dry out the turkey!

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2 Oct 2017

Pumpkin Spice

after the initial mind-boggling shock of discovering there actually is no pumpkin in the famous "pumpkin spice mix" i went gourd crazy and decided to at least put my beloved squashes back into this "pumpkin spice mini kit" ;)

it's basically a set of all the little scraps i've been making thoughout the month. hopefully you find something fun to play with inside. enjoy! 

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1 Aug 2016

Back To Nature - Free Template

a while ago i created this layout featuring "at the doctor" kit (available at pixelscrapper.com) and ct member alli asked if i could turn it into a template for everyone to use.

but of course, my dear!

so for this months blog train i'm sharing a 12x12' magazine style layout template in .psd which i hope inspires some of your future scrapbook pages. it includes a couple warped shadows for a fun pop effect, a cool inky scribble and suggestions on element and journal placement.

for maximum effect i recommend playing with layer modes. try various blending options (multiply, overlay, burn...) and tweeking the opacity of the layer until you get the desired look.

have fun!

for the full blog train list click here

30 Jun 2016

Blue Skies & Lemonade

in the middle of a havoc that is my life, art seems to be the perfect outlet. so once again i resorted to a pen and a sketch pad. two days later this adorable mini kit came together. my favorite to date. a bit worn, torn and grungy. just like me at the moment. but still warm and eager to please your scrapbooking appetite.

grab the rest of the train here

enjoy. and you're welcome.

1 May 2016

Spring Essentials- Picnic

this month i had a chance to take part in a great two week designer challenge hosted by the lovely ania at pixelscrapper.com- "pass the kit- spring edition"!

it's a really cool project where a group of design enthusiasts get together on creating a scrapbook kit by feeding off of each others creations and ideas. brainstorming, sharing real-time feedback and thinking on the go were the highlights for me!

elizabeth, holly, jody, loriene and i decided to create a little hommage to spring and all its charms. and that translates outdoors. because we all enjoy those first warm sunbeams and fresh air. the blooming nature invites us to go for a stroll, tend to our gardens, get more active and- have a picnic!

that was my angle (since it involves food and i'm totally big on food)  :D

admittedly, i don't actually do picnics. but i do bring my plate outdoors every chance i get. because food always tastes better al fresco

there is something very romantic about packing up a picnic basket and spreading a plaid tablecloth on the grass, though. in a nearby park. nibbling on tiny strawberry pies over a glass of chardonnay. with bird song and kids play as soundtrack. a bit breezy, but still warm, and the air that smells of lilacs. all of which, i think, this kit portrays very well!

to avoid having a kit full of sugary romantic cliches just described (cause that really isn't me) i mixed in a couple retro sporty graphics. just to make it more cool! and they play together real nice, if i may say so myself :)

also, i have a little premier for you guys- my first ever alpha set! including a full upper, lower case, numbers + some basic symbols in wood veneer style. nothing fancy- i like my alphas basic, legible and easy to combine in various projects.

to collect the whole "spring essentials" collab visit other participants at
elizabeth minkus: facebook page
holly wolf: hollywolfscraps website
jody smith: jiccreations blog
lorien rezende: loriensworkshop blog

or get the bundled kit at pixelscrapper.com

happy birthday

hello, darlings!

hope you're in a party mood cause i'm giving away some fun handcrafted prompts to help you decorate those festive pages.

be it birthdays, anniversaries or just surviving yet another day. there's always reason to celebrate! and scrap about it ;)

and what's a party without cake? 

this theme inspired me to try my hand at something new. and so, without further ado, i proudly present to you my first ever layout template! 

this 12x12' layered psd file comes with some predefined arrangements, shadows and elements which you can easily tweek, rearrange or replace anyway you like. play with it, build up on it and make it your own!

this template was tested and approved by two lovely and brave ladies. holly and sonia, a very kind thank you for volunteering! *kiss*

find the full list with all the blog train stops here!

and what will you celebrate today?