26 Jan 2015

documenting my here & nows

an unbelievable thing happened!
just as i was making this layout
about sending out job applications

the phone rang
and bam!
i got a job.

and with hands still shaking
i scrapped my initial reaction

to calm my mind down
i needed to bake something.
something lushes, creamy soft, light...
why, of course- pina colada cupcakes it is!

* all pages documented with Marisa Lerins "Here & Now" bundle

and how was your week?

20 Jan 2015

#YKIMS - Constant Change

every once in a while i come across a saying so powerful it keeps following me through my daily life. things you just know make sense!

often those words inspire my scrap pages & are converted into wordarts. like the one i've made for a PixelScrapper "Recipe" challenge-  "nothing lasts forever". Motivating words that remind us to make the most of the good times & just push throught the hard times because - the "Constant Change" of things makes everything come to an end eventualy.

and now i'd like to share with you a mini scrap kit built around those wise words:

* for those of you how are looking to add a touch of realism to your digi pages, i made a set of crumpled cards - and those who don't care for that, can still enjoy the wordarts in a simple 3x4' square .jpg format
* all files are my original scraps, offered for your Personal Use Only, saved at 300 dpi print quality 

a layout made for auntie who dislikes winter & can't wait for summer to come back:

do you find this quote as comforting and motivating as i do?


13 Jan 2015

2014 review

it's been a pretty good year and choosing only a couple of highlights wasn't easy, so i just went with the first that came to mind

layed out in no particular chronological order or importance

using Marisa Lerins "Wandering Road" kit

keeping everything monochromatic with just a few pops of green i was able to squeeze quite a lot of info in there :)

because i needed some sort of calendar, which wasn't in the kit, i created this grungy scripted month list and a cutout year overlay

which i'd now like to share with you, as well

you could build your own scraps from these or just use the pre-made card as is - it's up to you
i know i like receiving certain elements (such as acrylics) already shadowed, so i included some very subtile shadows to save you a bit of time :)

do you find these useful?

12 Jan 2015

first snow

a layout made for the "circles challenge" at PixelScrapper
documenting the first snow we had this season
and its yay & not so yay aspects

...aww, who am i kidding - they're all yay!

turned out quite scattery, but that's ok. i needed a break from the square format, anyway.

made with Sheila Reids "Sweater Weather" & Sharon Dewi Stolps "Winter Wonderland" kit

10 Jan 2015

winter arabesque

by the time we got the january blogtrain theme & color palette i was already in full designing mode and really went overboard with creating an orient style kit.

but i don't care if it is a bit too much. it turned out so beautiful i had to give myself a round of applause when it was done! :)

included are various arabic symbols (tiles, damask, eagles, mosaic, i even threw a camel in the mix), focusing particularly on the textures (so you got metal bits, vellum, wire, leather, stone, even alu foil for some reason)

two features i'd say are my favorite here - the faux arabic calligraphy & the subtle iridesence tones

pretty labour intensive kit, i must say. but after hours and hours of doodling, painting & fiddling around with gimp i proudly present to you my Winter Arabesque:

and since our bedouin boys are currently playing the world cup in the desert, i figured it only makes sense to scrap a page for them

i wonder what magic you'll create with it?

happy new year

have you already scrapped your New Year pages?

well, in case you need some extra supplies i've made this little kit with all the famous new years symbols - piggy representing moving forward and not looking back, clovers for luck, dashes of red...

and here's my layout, just to give you an idea what it all looks like:

but you know what, these puppies are so darn cute, i bet you'll have no problem finding different uses for them.

and if you do make a layout, show me, i'd love to see what you come up with!

holly jolly

seems like the Nutcracker only opened an apetite for designing, so i continued with creating a nice little scrap kit to get you into the christmas mood

containing 1 background paper in .jpg and 8 elements in .png, all at 300 dpi

and covered in my fingerprints, as they passed through my hands, brushes, scissors :)

i used it, in combination with other supplies, to document my christmas day and also practice the pocket style layouts:

 and what will you create with it?

welcome, first resident

it's time to give my Nutcracker a permanent home, since PS forum gets locked at the end of the month & i'd like to keep him alive for you guys :)

this was my 1st blogtrain contribution ever & i had a blast making it.

he's crazy, he's wacky, he's my nutty crack-crack-cracker and i'm very proud of him!

not only did i have fun making this mini kit, i also had fun scrapping with it.

this is my latest layout - made with violets premier pro kit "bright days" & my premier BT kit "the nutcracker" - a super cool mix, in my completely bias opinion :)

and what will you create with it? 

9 Jan 2015

building a home

it all started when i joined the most wonderful scrapbooking site over at *PixelScrapper*. 

suddenly, i got the biggest creative rush and started playing with digital design more then ever. 

and now it's time to give my little scraps a home. 

a place where i can keep them open, if you ever want to pay a visit! 

so, welcome!