dance + freebie

hello, lovelies!
interested to see what i've been up to lately?
well, this april i've been busy... dancing!

yup! it's a bit ironic that i spend hours sitting behind a desk to bring you these scrapping goodies, so i've opted for a theme that will motivate me to lift and shake that big booty from time to time ;D

inspired by the power of movement and its overall benefits on your health, mood and figure, this fun set captures the fluidity, joy and bounciness of a dance.

as you can see, it's packed with bold graphics in vibrant colors to really celebrate that endorphine rush you get even from a spontaneous little wiggle-wiggle!

because anyone can dance. that's the beauty of it.

if you have two left feet, no coordination or training lessons- go freestyle. dance alone or with your partner, kids, mom, possy. in the kitchen or the club, backyard, middle of the street. just move that body. shake. twist. jump. spin.

and immediately you feel better. #instajoy

for scrapping those (in)glorious dance moves, you have a set of:
- 16 .jpg papers (original patterns, textured solids, all with an artsy twist)
- 38 .png elements, plus
- a wordart pack with extra decor
- and a matching set of 10 .png untextured cards (each comes as 3x4, 4x3, 4x4 and 4x6")
all saved at 300 dpi for best printing results.

kits come with a CU licence and are available for individual purchase as well as an affordable bundle at half price.

here's a couple example pages i've made documenting my goofy parading around the backyard:

and if you want a taste of what's inside the kit, why not grab this quickpage! it's super easy to use- just place your photo under the pre-made layout. and bounce! #instascrap :D

and there you have it, guys. thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest creations! 

as always, i love hearing from you so don't be shy to share any thoughts, impressions, suggestions. 

hopefully by now you're now inspired to do a little dance. and a little scrap ;)


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