it's hip to be square

yes, it is!

and if you want your scrapbook to be just as hip, why not try this fun and versatile set of templates inspired by the coolest shape of them all - a square! slightly tilted... :)

i just fell in love with this combination of humble squares and running ink. geometrics and paint must be one of my all time favorite duos in design. so while i was at it, i though why not create a set of supplies to help you guys build those pages faster! scrapbooks, photo albums, yearbooks - a page like this would be a great addition to any project!

each of the 5 templates comes as a 12x12 inch layered .psd & .tiff + individual untrimmed .png files for those who need them.

inside you'll find a nice chunk of paint for that artsy touch, some fun shaped text boxes to make your journalng stand out, simple shadows in place that you can tweak to your liking and a bunch of little squares - play with them, clip some lovely papers on, keep aligned or scatter them around... exciting results guaranteed!

sharing a couple pages from my album to give you some extra ideas:

i adjusted the template here by removing one of the blocks + using a grungy eraser turned another one into a painty/ stamp block.

oh, and don't let the snow shock you - these were taken only 2 months ago. i'm not falling that behind on my scraps :)  

this heart shaped cut-out spread was especially fun to make as you can get really different results depending on which patterns you slip undrneath. i actually used - journal cards!

they hold some fabulous designs and there's no reason we shouldn't use them on a classic scrapbook page. since they're untextured you can easily merge them to a white template background (using a multiply layer mode) and, depending to your liking, finish with a textured overlay on top of the whole page.

alright, so this one's all about scribbling :D i just can't help myself - whenever i see paint i wanna add some doodles.

by removing the squares' shadows i used the template to build a flattened, multy-pattern background (the kind that could hold all my doodles!) and i absolutely love how this tribute to one-tough-rose turned out.

now's your turn to get creative. and remember - when working with squares, gotta think outside the box! ... unless you really like the box. then stay in the box. right, d?




  1. Love that you now have a shop :). Thanks for sharing these fantastic pages !!

    1. yeah, exciting times! thanks for your support and encouragement *muah*


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