2014 review

it's been a pretty good year and choosing only a couple of highlights wasn't easy, so i just went with the first that came to mind

layed out in no particular chronological order or importance

using Marisa Lerins "Wandering Road" kit

keeping everything monochromatic with just a few pops of green i was able to squeeze quite a lot of info in there :)

because i needed some sort of calendar, which wasn't in the kit, i created this grungy scripted month list and a cutout year overlay

which i'd now like to share with you, as well

you could build your own scraps from these or just use the pre-made card as is - it's up to you
i know i like receiving certain elements (such as acrylics) already shadowed, so i included some very subtile shadows to save you a bit of time :)

do you find these useful?


  1. Thanks for this Paddy-love it!

  2. Lovely - especially the heart; thank you for sharing!

  3. So cute! (followed you here from PS!)

  4. I didn't know you had a blog; I love it! You've come so far - designing, blogging, and of course world-class scrapper, what fun!

    Just wanted to let you know as a newly minted blogger - for blogspot blogs the default setting for comments is pretty restrictive. For instance, yours has a Captcha requirement and doesn't allow Name/URL or anonymous comments. In my experience the increase in comments (especially during blog trains) due to fewer restrictions far outweighs the inconvenience of whatever spam comments make it through. I highly recommend checking out those settings and seeing what your options are!

    1. thank you so much for pointing that out, Violet! it would definitely be nice to keep this place as open as possible, so i'll see what can be done about those settings :) i learn something new every day.

      it really has been a super fun adventure so far, and you're a big part of it, with your kind words & enthusiasm that inspires - thank you!

  5. I also followed you here from PS. I always love your creations and humorous manner in presenting them. I agree with the other poster about comments. I much prefer paying compliments anonymously. Heartfelt best of luck in your endeavors.


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