documenting my here & nows

an unbelievable thing happened!
just as i was making this layout
about sending out job applications

the phone rang
and bam!
i got a job.

and with hands still shaking
i scrapped my initial reaction

to calm my mind down
i needed to bake something.
something lushes, creamy soft, light...
why, of course- pina colada cupcakes it is!

* all pages documented with Marisa Lerins "Here & Now" bundle

and how was your week?


  1. Congrats on your new job! Love your reactions documented so eloquently. Have a brilliant day! c

  2. Hi Paddy, I love your fun layouts. Wonderful news you got your job! I used to bake breads for the restaurant I waitress for and the most popular one was the Pina Colada Bread! It probably had something to do with the generous amount of rum I added to the batter!
    Happy Saturday, Betsy

    1. that's funny, betsy! however, there's no actual booze in these muffins - it was simply the combination of coconut & pineapple flavours that reminded me of pina colada :)
      thanks for the comment & the love!

  3. congrats on your new job Hope it is going well love your pages


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